it's nice to meet you!

I’m Mattye, hopeful romantic and creator of The LovingKind. I believe settling is not an option, loving is a way of life, and the best is yet to come.

I created The LovingKind because I am passionate about who we are as women. As brides, wives, mothers and so many things in between, we are called to a special purpose, but sometimes that purpose gets belittled or lost in the shuffle. I believe the call on our lives to love others well is one we have to fight for, and we can't do it alone. I am convinced there is much to be shared in our joys and our sorrows and lessons to learn from one another along the way.

Through The LovingKind I hope to walk through these moments, stages, and purposes of life together and find strength, companionship and encouragement. I hope this becomes a safe place where you are filled with hope for the life you are called to live and the love you are chosen to give.

Enjoy a visit into our home and our hearts through our Southern Newlywed feature with Southern Weddings!